- Ophonus azureus

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Further limit to taxa:Animalia Arthropoda Hexapoda Insecta Pterygota Coleoptera Carabidae Harpalinae Harpalini Harpalina Ophonus Hesperophonus Ophonus azureus Clear

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Ophonus azureus
Ophonus azureus (10/10)
Harpalus affinis
Harpalus affinis (10/10)
Harpalus honestus
Harpalus honestus (9/9)
Pterostichus burmeisteri
Pterostichus burmeisteri (8/8)
Bembidion lampros
Bembidion lampros (8/10)
Harpalus honestus
Harpalus honestus (8/10)
Bembidion articulatum
Bembidion articulatum (8/10)
Poecilus cupreus
Poecilus cupreus (8/10)
Anophthalmus hitleri
Anophthalmus hitleri (8/10)
Patrobus atrorufus
Patrobus atrorufus (7/7)
Stomis pumicatus
Stomis pumicatus (7/7)
Limodromus longiventris
Limodromus longiventris (7/7)
Badister sodalis
Badister sodalis (7/7)
Loricera pilicornis
Loricera pilicornis (7/7)
Pterostichus oblongopunctatus
Pterostichus oblongopunctatus (7/7)
Calathus fuscipes
Calathus fuscipes (7/7)
Platynus assimilis
Platynus assimilis (7/7)
Agonum afrum
Agonum afrum (7/7)
Platynus assimilis
Platynus assimilis (7/7)
Brachinus crepitans
Brachinus crepitans (7/7)
Agonum lugens
Agonum lugens (7/7)
Bembidion (7/8)
Limodromus longiventris
Limodromus longiventris (7/8)
Carabus ullrichii
Carabus ullrichii (7/8)
Carabus problematicus
Carabus problematicus (7/8)
Bembidion deletum
Bembidion deletum (7/8)
Bembidion deletum
Bembidion deletum (7/8)
Bembidion tibiale
Bembidion tibiale (7/8)
Carabus intricatus
Carabus intricatus (7/8)
Leistus spinibarbis
Leistus spinibarbis (7/8)
Carabus hortensis
Carabus hortensis (7/8)
Calathus (7/8)
Cychrus caraboides
Cychrus caraboides (7/9)
Cychrus attenuatus
Cychrus attenuatus (7/9)
Cychrus attenuatus
Cychrus attenuatus (7/9)
Spondylis buprestoides
Spondylis buprestoides (7/9)
Onthophagus taurus
Onthophagus taurus (7/13)
Onthophagus illyricus
Onthophagus illyricus (7/13)
Protaetia aeruginosa
Protaetia aeruginosa (7/15)
Lytta vesicatoria
Lytta vesicatoria (6/6)
Diachromus germanus
Diachromus germanus (6/6)
Bembidion conforme
Bembidion conforme (6/6)
Molops piceus
Molops piceus (6/6)
Harpalus honestus
Harpalus honestus (6/6)
Trichotichnus (6/6)
Carabus auronitens
Carabus auronitens (6/6)
Pterostichus niger
Pterostichus niger (6/6)
Agonum thoreyi
Agonum thoreyi (6/6)
Amara aulica
Amara aulica (6/6)
Thalassophilus longicornis
Thalassophilus longicornis (6/6)
Carabus auratus
Carabus auratus (6/7)
Pseudophonus rufipes
Pseudophonus rufipes (6/7)
Bembidion deletum
Bembidion deletum (6/7)
Carabus cancellatus
Carabus cancellatus (6/7)
Harpalus smaragdinus
Harpalus smaragdinus (6/7)
Harpalus tardus
Harpalus tardus (6/7)
Odacantha melanura
Odacantha melanura (6/7)
Harpalus distinguendus
Harpalus distinguendus (6/7)
Asemum striatum
Asemum striatum (6/7)
Trechus obtusus
Trechus obtusus (6/7)
Cychrus attenuatus
Cychrus attenuatus (6/7)
Carabus granulatus
Carabus granulatus (6/7)
Carabus granulatus
Carabus granulatus (6/7)
Bembidion varium
Bembidion varium (6/7)
Carabus irregularis
Carabus irregularis (6/7)
Pseudoophonus griseus
Pseudoophonus griseus (6/7)
Pterostichus vernalis
Pterostichus vernalis (6/7)
Bembidion semipunctatum
Bembidion semipunctatum (6/7)
Notiophilus biguttatus
Notiophilus biguttatus (6/8)
Pseudophonus rufipes
Pseudophonus rufipes (6/8)
Notiophilus palustris
Notiophilus palustris (6/8)
Stenomax aeneus
Stenomax aeneus (6/8)
Bembidion tetracolum
Bembidion tetracolum (6/8)
Badister unipustulatus
Badister unipustulatus (6/8)
Carabus variolosus
Carabus variolosus (6/8)
Latridius minutus
Latridius minutus (6/8)
Oreina liturata
Oreina liturata (6/8)
Notiophilus germinyi
Notiophilus germinyi (6/8)
Asemum striatum
Asemum striatum (6/8)
Notiophilus aquaticus
Notiophilus aquaticus (6/8)
Plateumaris braccata
Plateumaris braccata (6/8)
Carabus irregularis
Carabus irregularis (6/8)
Carabus catenulatus
Carabus catenulatus (6/8)
Stenomax aeneus
Stenomax aeneus (6/8)
Carabus violaceus
Carabus violaceus (6/8)
Carabus problematicus
Carabus problematicus (6/8)
Anomala dubia
Anomala dubia (6/8)
Chrysolina fastuosa
Chrysolina fastuosa (6/8)
Nacerdes carniolica
Nacerdes carniolica (6/8)
Agonum sexpunctatum
Agonum sexpunctatum (6/8)
Longitarsus (6/8)
Stenomax aeneus
Stenomax aeneus (6/8)
Dorcus parallelipipedus
Dorcus parallelipipedus (6/8)
Leptopterna dolabrata
Leptopterna dolabrata (6/9)
Siagonium humerale
Siagonium humerale (6/9)
Donacia semicuprea
Donacia semicuprea (6/9)
Oreina (6/9)
Luperus luperus
Luperus luperus (6/9)
Donacia crassipes
Donacia crassipes (6/9)
Siagonium quadricorne
Siagonium quadricorne (6/9)
Drypta dentata
Drypta dentata (6/9)
Dorcus parallelipipedus
Dorcus parallelipipedus (6/9)
Oreina liturata
Oreina liturata (6/9)
Oreina (6/9)
Dorcus parallelipipedus
Dorcus parallelipipedus (6/9)
Histerinae (6/9)
Plateumaris consimilis
Plateumaris consimilis (6/9)
Salpingus ruficollis
Salpingus ruficollis (6/9)
Longitarsus nasturtii
Longitarsus nasturtii (6/9)
Prionus coriarius
Prionus coriarius (6/9)
Valgus hemipterus
Valgus hemipterus (6/10)
Crepidodera aurata
Crepidodera aurata (6/10)
Popillia japonica
Popillia japonica (6/10)
Chrysolina polita
Chrysolina polita (6/10)
Chrysolina grossa
Chrysolina grossa (6/10)
Otiorhynchus sensitivus
Otiorhynchus sensitivus (6/10)
Ceruchus chrysomelinus
Ceruchus chrysomelinus (6/10)
Gnorimus variabilis
Gnorimus variabilis (6/10)
Chrysolina polita
Chrysolina polita (6/10)
Meligethes aeneus
Meligethes aeneus (6/10)
Cryptocephalus bipunctatus
Cryptocephalus bipunctatus (6/11)
Crepidodera fulvicornis
Crepidodera fulvicornis (6/11)
Gnorimus nobilis
Gnorimus nobilis (6/11)
Onthophagus taurus
Onthophagus taurus (6/11)
Copris lunaris
Copris lunaris (6/12)
Caccobius schreberi
Caccobius schreberi (6/12)
Perapion violaceum
Perapion violaceum (6/12)
Onthophagus vacca
Onthophagus vacca (6/12)
Onthophagus taurus
Onthophagus taurus (6/12)
Euoniticellus fulvus
Euoniticellus fulvus (6/12)
Onthophagus fracticornis
Onthophagus fracticornis (6/12)
Cryptocephalus trimaculatus
Cryptocephalus trimaculatus (6/13)
Onthophagus taurus
Onthophagus taurus (6/13)
Phymatodes testaceus
Phymatodes testaceus (5/5)
Limodromus longiventris
Limodromus longiventris (5/5)
Paranchus albipes
Paranchus albipes (5/5)
Gauropterus fulgidus
Gauropterus fulgidus (5/5)
Poecilus cupreus
Poecilus cupreus (5/5)
Harpalus smaragdinus
Harpalus smaragdinus (5/5)
Xantholinus linearis
Xantholinus linearis (5/5)
Anthracus consputus
Anthracus consputus (5/5)
Tetropium gabrieli
Tetropium gabrieli (5/5)
Pterostichus burmeisteri
Pterostichus burmeisteri (5/5)
Perileptus areolatus
Perileptus areolatus (5/5)
Acupalpus brunnipes
Acupalpus brunnipes (5/5)
Acupalpus flavicollis
Acupalpus flavicollis (5/5)
Acupalpus parvulus
Acupalpus parvulus (5/5)
Notiophilus palustris
Notiophilus palustris (5/5)
Pterostichus niger
Pterostichus niger (5/6)
Ophonus azureus
Ophonus azureus (5/6)
Agrilus angustulus
Agrilus angustulus (5/6)
Cryptolestes ferrugineus
Cryptolestes ferrugineus (5/6)
Anthaxia nitidula
Anthaxia nitidula (5/6)
Clivina collaris
Clivina collaris (5/6)
Berytinus minor
Berytinus minor (5/6)
Anthaxia nitidula
Anthaxia nitidula (5/6)
Amara (5/6)
Amara tibialis
Amara tibialis (5/6)
Harpalus tardus
Harpalus tardus (5/6)
Lithocharis nigriceps
Lithocharis nigriceps (5/6)
Amara fulvipes
Amara fulvipes (5/6)
Cidnopus aeruginosus
Cidnopus aeruginosus (5/6)
Anaspis frontalis
Anaspis frontalis (5/6)
Agrilus laticornis
Agrilus laticornis (5/6)
Ischnodes sanguinicollis
Ischnodes sanguinicollis (5/6)
Anthophagus alpinus
Anthophagus alpinus (5/6)
Uleiota planata
Uleiota planata (5/6)
Oodes helopioides
Oodes helopioides (5/6)
Calathus (5/6)
Agriotes sputator
Agriotes sputator (5/6)
Adrastus pallens
Adrastus pallens (5/6)
Anthaxia candens
Anthaxia candens (5/6)
Chrysanthia viridissima
Chrysanthia viridissima (5/6)
Bembidion (testedium) bipunctatum
Bembidion (testedium) bipunctatum (5/6)
Ophonus ardosiacus
Ophonus ardosiacus (5/6)
Calosoma inquisitor
Calosoma inquisitor (5/6)
Anaspis frontalis
Anaspis frontalis (5/6)
Anisodactylus binotatus
Anisodactylus binotatus (5/6)
Anthophagus alpestris
Anthophagus alpestris (5/6)
Ctenicera cuprea
Ctenicera cuprea (5/6)
Harpalus dimidiatus
Harpalus dimidiatus (5/6)
Carabus granulatus
Carabus granulatus (5/6)
Carabus coriaceus
Carabus coriaceus (5/6)
Uleiota planata
Uleiota planata (5/6)
Oreina (5/6)
Abax parallelus
Abax parallelus (5/6)
Acupalpus meridianus
Acupalpus meridianus (5/6)
Amara aenea
Amara aenea (5/6)
Abax parallelepipedus
Abax parallelepipedus (5/6)
Lebia chlorocephala
Lebia chlorocephala (5/7)
Silvanoprus fagi
Silvanoprus fagi (5/7)
Hoplia argentea
Hoplia argentea (5/7)
Tetropium castaneum
Tetropium castaneum (5/7)
Cryptocephalus parvulus
Cryptocephalus parvulus (5/7)
Pseudophonus rufipes
Pseudophonus rufipes (5/7)
Lamprohiza splendidula
Lamprohiza splendidula (5/7)
Anoplotrupes stercorosus
Anoplotrupes stercorosus (5/7)
Chrysanthia nigricornis
Chrysanthia nigricornis (5/7)
Asiorestia (5/7)
Luperus luperus
Luperus luperus (5/7)
Nacerdes melanura
Nacerdes melanura (5/7)
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